Our Tariff Plans

Room Type E.P C.P M.A.P A.P
Deluxe (Double Occupancy ) 3500.00 3800.00 4500.00 5200.00
Deluxe ( Single Occupancy ) 3000.00 3200.00 3600.00 4000.00
Suite Room 5000.00 5500.00 7000.00 8500.00
Extra Bed 800.00 1100.00 1400.00 1800.00

EP - This is called the European Plan. Under this plan, only room rent is included and any food cost will be additional. Usually this will have the lowest tariff.

CP - This is called the Continental Plan. Under this tariff plan, room rent and complimentary free breakfast is included. For dinner and lunch you will have to pay extra.

MAP - This stands for Modified American Plan. Under this tariff plan, room rent is included with free breakfast and free lunch OR free dinner.

AP - This stands for American Plan and this tariff includes room rent plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. Booking a room under this plan means that you wont have to pay extra for food.